What Are Preparations to Join Australia Flying School?

Preparations to Join Australia Flying SchoolTotal flying school in Indonesia is relatively much. In fact, the number could grow the next few years given the demand for pilots who still can not be met. Nevertheless, it does not mean burying the desire to get an education and training of pilots in Australia. First, Australia flying school has a standard cost CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). This standard is higher when compared to the standard flight in Indonesia, where the average use of standard FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Second, multicultural Australia in a flying school could create a wider network of friends not only coming from the same country but from different countries. Third, English became the language of daily communication during the school environment or outside Australia flying school can also improve their English. However, before joining the Australian flying school, there are some preparations to be made. Including the following:

English Conversation maximized

Already discussed in the previous paragraph if the language used both in school and outside Australia flying school will use the English language has also become an international language. Therefore, Australia flying school requires prospective students must master the English language, especially in the case of talking (communication). Mastery of the English language is to be proved in the form of TOEFL certificate with a value of 550.

Therefore, to prospective candidates who are interested to Australia flying school but do not yet have the English language skills, especially in conversation actually okay to be a course of intensive English. Not only ease when receiving instruction while in Australia a flying school, English language skills are extremely necessary when a pilot which is obliged to communicate with ATC using the English language.

Myopic eyes treated and height maximized

Australia flying school generally do not require candidates to be majoring in science. IPS majors still have a chance. As long as it meets the terms of physical health and have met the standards. By the way, how about have a myopic eye and heights less? There is still a chance to join the Australian flying school. Except if you have heart disease, epilepsy, and color blind, will not be tolerated. For a myopic eye can still be overcome by following LASIK surgery. But indeed this operation requires no small cost, approximately $ 2,500.

What about height less? Generally for male minimum height of about 170 cm while women 165 cm. If it is less than that while still under the age of 20 years, it is still possible to add height. The trick? By drinking milk, exercise more improvement body (basketball, jumping rope, swimming, hanging exercise, etc.) as well as taking supplements improvement body (in accordance with the recommendation of a doctor).

Apart from the two above preparations, visa and passport so the most important documents prepared for the flying school in Australia. Without the two documents, of course, will not do flights to Australia even not accepted in Australia as a student. To manufacture the passport please at immigration agency in the city of residence of each. For the manufacturing is done in the immigration visa Australia. For visas, preferably made from long ago because usually the result of a long preparation.

Indeed, quite a lot of advantages are obtained if the flying school in Australia, but the cost is not small. So, how to fight training cost in Australia? Please check this site.

Diseases to Be Faced by Pilots

resiko pilot1

Worked as a pilot must have a big enough risk. Whether it’s a risk to themselves or a risk to the passengers. Health is important to be noticed by a pilot. This is due to become a pilot have a great responsibility with the exercise of the profession. However, the health of a pilot becoming one of the obstacles that could cause a pilot can not carry out their duties. There are many diseases that can lurk risk the health of a pilot. Do you know any disease that can lurk a pilot health? Well, to find any disease that can lurk pilot health, the following will be explained.

Skin cancer

Profession as a pilot who flew the plane with a high distance, will certainly experience a range of skin cancer. Skin cancer itself can be caused by sun exposure. This can happen because as a pilot, will certainly feel the scorching heat of sun exposure. Although in the window of the plane has had to use a protective glass, but the glass used is low. Each aircraft increase the aircraft above 900 meters above sea level, the sun burning sensation will be felt. Skin disease can lurk health of pilots and crew of this pilot though it can be treated, but if it is not quick to follow up, then it could be dangerous.

Kidney stones

The risk of diseases that can lurk further pilot health is kidney stones. Worked as a pilot, of course, the same as the public transportation should always sit up for hours. Likewise as a pilot to focus on his work and always focus on getting information from the airport ATC, the pilot was not able to break. As with the people who work to bring a car that can break anywhere while the pilot was not able to dismiss a plane carelessly. With frequent pilots sit for hours without doing other activities, then this could be one of the causes of health pilot disturbed by the presence of kidney stones. Kidney stone disease can also occur due to a lack of drinking while flying pilot.

Heart attack

Heart attack is one disease that is quite dangerous because it can make the sufferer dies. Heart attack can occur due to several factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, overweight bodies, and so forth. Maybe you know there are some airline pilots experienced this so it died. Given these events, of course, you would think it true that as a pilot will span disease heart attack? The answer could have been. Why? Because as a pilot have a great responsibility and it should also dare to altitude can make the heart beat faster.


Stress becomes a health hazard that may lurk a pilot. Pilots have a big responsibility to the profession is run. As a pilot, of course, have to think about the safety seater than his own safety. When there is bad weather when flying, of course, make a pilot feel stressed because he must be able to face calmly because there are a lot of lives in the plane which had to be rescued first.

Risks above is not only a health lurk a pilot, but can also lurk health of various other professions. To minimize the occurrence of those things that are not cool in the world of flight, the pilot had to maintain good health and always work quietly.

4 Things to Make Students Fail to Pass Medical Test

medex cek Pilot

Being a student pilot is very difficult because it must follow a series of tests. The test should be done is a medical and academic tests. Not a few also test followed by a prospective student pilot had failed. This is because being a student pilot is not easy. Which makes the student pilot tests fail not only due to not mastering the English language, but also for health. The medical tests are performed, such as the eyes, ears, blood pressure, urine, height, and so forth. If you want to become a student pilot, then you have to maintain good health in order to minimize the occurrence of failure. Now, before we discuss about how to maintain health in order to be accepted as a student pilot. The following will discuss the causes of health tests a student pilot failed. What are the causes?

Having problems with eyesight

Failed to follow medical tests to become a student pilot may occur because of factors eyesight. As an aspiring pilot should not have problems with vision, such as color blindness and nearsightedness. If you experience this natural that the school did not want to get you to pass a student pilot. Stalking to be a student pilot, of course, you will be trained to use the plane. Well, the symbol that is in all aircraft using color. If you cannot tell which colors yellow, red, and green, then this can be dangerous. If you’ve become a pilot, this can endanger the passengers. Therefore, keep your eyes well with how to care for and consume lots of colored vegetables, such as carrots one of them.

Has a height less

When a student wants to become a pilot, of course, you will be in a test of height. To enter the pilot school, students should not have any problems with height, which means it should not be at the limit that has been a requirement. To be a student pilot, you must have a height of 165 for men and 160 for women. If you take the test and it turns your height is less, then this can be a cause that you fail to become a student pilot. To make your tests do not fail, then take the test before it’s good to exercise regularly, such as basketball, volleyball, and swimming.

Having problems with teeth

Having problems with dental cavities can be the cause of medical tests has failed. This is because being a student pilot can practice led to bring the plane. Well, to bring the plane in the air, of course, the wind will be greater than at the bottom. If your tooth cavities, it can make your teeth ache. The pain may disrupt the flight training later on. Therefore, if you want to become a student pilot’s good for patching gear before to take the test.

Have problems with hearing

The cause of medical tests a student pilot is the next failure have problems with hearing. If this problem happens to you, it definitely makes you health test failed because of a student pilot must be able to communicate well by listening to the instructions of the instructors who will train you. To be a pilot is also certainly should not have a problem with hearing that fear the information provided by the ATC is not in accordance with what is delivered. For that, you have to keep hearing health by cleaning and avoid using the headset for too long.

While you do not want to be a student pilot, your health should still keep well as to participate in various activities or looking for a job you will be tested on health.

The Importance of Consultation before Choosing Flight School

konsultan sekolah penerbanganSalary is one of the outline into consideration hang people in his ideals. This of course can be obtained from the pilot profession, which can even reach more than 50 million Indonesian rupiah every month if flying hours and has achieved high positions. In fact, when it has been appointed as an official in the airline, would be able to obtain pensions, medical benefits, and much more so that life will feel safe and comfortable. A student who has graduated from high school would have the opportunity to achieve the profession, the first flight school to continue their studies.

At a considerable cost, health body support, and academic skills are okay, it is not likely candidates for cadet can pursue education in flight school to be able to become a professional pilot, as quoted from http://www.pilottrainings.in/how-to-become-a-professional-pilot-in-india/. However, one thing to keep in mind before choosing a pilot school is a consultant to conduct consultations Flight school. There are several reasons that must be taken into consideration why the consultation needs to be done, among others:

Get an idea of the school that will be addressed

To consult specialties flight schools, cadet candidates can get an idea of how the flight school that will be addressed. The reason this flight when many schools are naughty, sometimes imposes additional costs, fraud regarding the duration of education is quite short while longer, and much more. Remember, there are no sellers who want to vilify wares. In other words, whatever the wares are sold would be covered up so that behavior. That is, if the candidate directly to the school cadet pilot and ask him things about the school, it is not likely the school will give a remarkable picture of the school they operate even sometimes does not correspond to reality. Therefore, it is important to consult with a specialization in flight school so as not to be deceived in pilot schools whose quality is bad because it was chosen at random.

Assistance selecting the right school

Other benefits can also be obtained when consulted prior to flight school counselor for example PilotTraining.in, of course, will receive direction or guidance in selecting the right pilot school. Did you know that proper pilot school and should have been not only based on the old or the new school stands, but in terms of facilities such as airports and training aircraft, simulators, laboratories, dormitories, classrooms are comfortable, and so forth. Then the licenses offered were not only Licence Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot Licence, and Instrument Rating, but also Multi Engine Rating so that upon graduation the pilot is ready to work. In addition, the pilot schools right can also be seen from the number of instructors are many and also offers fee waivers, for example, you could pay off the costs by borrowing at banks that cooperate with the school or also take advantage of mortgage programs. Imagine if no prior consultation, knowledge of the flight school is not likely going to be minimal, so in the end stuck in the pilot schools that bad reputation.

Minimize various losses in the future

Consult with an expert before taking action would be to minimize the various forms of loss that can be experienced in the future. This also applies in choosing pilot schools. As shown in the above description that, if not done in consultation with the school counselor flights, likely to be trapped in a pilot school whose reputation is poor, for example, the duration of education is manipulated, the cost of education to be expensive because charged additional costs, facility did not support, and others etc. Of course, things like this will greatly affect the ability acquired after the education.

For example, the duration of which turned out to be a longer education will certainly make cadet pilot to lose the opportunity to acquire careers more quickly, which could have been at that job in some of the airline’s top wide open. While at the time of graduation, job already closed, of course this would be detrimental to all. Keep in mind that many parents regret and prefer to move her son to another pilot school just because education in selected pilot schools are not qualified. It may require more time and cost more. To that end, consultations should be intermediaries who actually used its services so that in choosing a school pilot can minimize various forms of future losses.

After reading the above description, of course, you already know how important it is to consult with a specialization in flight school. Remember, cost and time are not the least be a reason why pilots should choose a school filled with carefully. So, there is no reason not to consult if you want to get the right pilot school, be a reliable pilot, full of experience, and professional.

What to Do If You Have Problem with Airline Parties?

Working as a pilot is not easy because the risks of getting any problems are very big. For instance, if pilots don’t follow the existing procedure, airline parties will punish pilots directly. Pilots can get salary cut, demotion, or even fired. In other hand, if pilots consume alcohol and drug, this case will be brought to the court. This means that pilot will go to jail sooner or later. Anyway, if you are a pilot who has problem with airline parties, what should you do? If you don’t know what to do, consider doing the following tips below:

Discuss with them as well as possible

This is important to do so you and airline parties can know what is going on and find the right solution. If you are not guilty, you should explain what is going on in detail so they know that you don’t do any mistakes. In contrast, if you are guilty, explain reasons why you do mistake and apologize. Make sure that you don’t slander, tell the truth so they understand and know the truth. This might be difficult to do but no need to worry because truth must be known. If you hide it, you will regret because airline parties can punish you.

What if they want to punish you? Accept it because you are guilty. Make sure that you do this sincerely and promise that you don’t do it anymore. Hopefully, they will lighten or reduce your punishment.

Gather real proofs

You should gather real proofs if you are not guilty but airline parties want to punish you. Don’t keep silent as long as you are in good way. If you accept all accusations, you will regret because you will be assumed as an unprofessional and guilty pilot. Where to go to find real proofs to help you? Check CCTV or witness when accident happens. For instance, if you are accused for stealing valuable things or abusing fund, check CCTV in which valuable things or money are goine. You can also give your location and activity when accident happens. Make sure that you don’t falsify any proofs that you have. If you do this, you will be trapped in a big problem which can bring you to jail.

Hire a professional lawyer

You should hire a lawyer if airline parties bring your case to the court. Remember to hire a professional one so you can win your case. Nevertheless, this will never happen if you don’t hire a professional attorney and have any real proofs. Besides, before hiring an attorney, make sure that he/she can handle your case. This means that you should hire a lawyer who works in criminal cases, not divorce, trade, property, etc.

Another important thing is you should struggle your right as optimall as possible. Don’t give up if you get any incoming calls or messages which threaten you. You must be strong if you want to win this case. In other side, if you are guilty but you don’t want to admit your mistake at all, you will get heavy punishment sooner or later.

Admission Test Schedule of Pilot School Is Coming? Make Sure 3 Things

jadwal testTo enter the pilot school cadet pilot candidates must be able to pass a variety of tests, such as tests of basic knowledge, psychology, interviews, health, and so forth. This is because the profession of a pilot having high consequences, far from family, health could be endangered because flying hours are irregular, and a great responsibility, it is not surprising that only certain people can bear the profession. Of the many candidates for cadet pilots who apply, only a piece that passed. That is, quite difficult to get into the school is even more so when not graduated from seminary Vocational Flight, which generally did not have a qualified knowledge about the science of flight. By the way, if you are also one of the prospective cadet pilots who will soon take the test? If so, there are some things that need to be confident that you can take the test well and qualify for graduation, among others:

Provision of sufficient science

To be able to pass a written test or interview also generally include English, physics, mathematics, science and other general you should have a sufficient stock of knowledge. As well as the TOEFL test score is the lowest is 450, if the value you achieve only 400 would not pass. Do not want to experience such things, is not it? Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have the knowledge provision that qualified to take a test in order to obtain a satisfactory value. Likewise for mathematics, physics, and other general science, the value must meet the standards set by each pilot school in order to achieve a passing score.

Good health

So that your name is declared eligible, then it also must ensure is in good health, in addition to covering physical shape are also ideal health of other organs. As well as the health of the eyes and ears, a pilot must have healthy eyes in order to fly the plane properly, as well as for the ears so that the pilot can communicate clearly with the ATC (Air Traffic Control), which served to provide information to the pilot in order to fly a plane with well, one of them set the speed and altitude of the aircraft so that flight can be smoothly and may avoid the things that may be harmful in front. Similarly, for the health of internal organs, such as heart, lungs, and liver because it is very closely related to the duties later. That is the reason why medical tests or MedEx should be able to be passed by the prospective cadet pilots. You can check up to a hospital that has a complete facility to check the condition of your health. When might have a health problem, you can fix it before the scheduled arrival in order to pass the test during the tests.

Mentally strong

When the test schedule is imminent, mentally also an important influence. Having a strong mental is the provision of a success. Said, because without courage to face the challenges it will be minimal chances to pass the test. Eg interview, though smart and very proficient in English but when mental zero alias dared not answer or can also answer haltingly most likely value that could be achieved scores plummeted. Therefore, the mental become one of the most important parts in the following test, not only in school pilot but for all other activities primarily conducted by interview. Remember, when a mentally infirm will possibly fail in school because it could be a pilot cadet candidates other than master the material is also proficient in communication, so the opportunity to enter their pilot schools can be. Therefore, make sure you are mentally strong and confident when following the test to succeed. Learning to train themselves in the mirror or also by someone higher up English so that you can train your body movements and can give answers properly so it can be passed.

Test pilot school has basically become a picture of what the future will be able to become an aviator reliable or not. Because useless if can enter flight school but lack the expertise acquired, will still be difficult to accept work in the airline. Money has a lot out but after graduating unemployed, as well as the proverbial “already falling down the stairs anyway”. Therefore, any test results that you can it has the best path. However, if you still are old enough and determination is still round, it never hurts to take the test back in the coming years because the cause of the failure in the previous year can be a lesson to be updated in order to pass. Remember, one of the mysteries that can not be guessed in the world is good luck. So, trying to failure, why not!